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Polyflows Reading Club Vol. 3 with Saskia Smith

Dive into the third volume of the Polyflows Reading Club curated by Saskia Smith! Find out what the upcoming session titled Nourish, Moisture, Protect will be about.

The volumes will be independent, you can join just one or all of them!

Tuesday, 09 January 24
Time 19:00 - 20:30
Price Free
Language En
Location Quai du Commerce 7, 1000 Bruxelles

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Polyflows facilitates open discussions centered around specific topics, leveraging the synergy of diverse input materials and participants to ignite reflective conversations. In the upcoming session titled “Nourish, Moisture, Protect” Saskia Smith will delve deeper into the theme of “eternal youth” as a marketable desire, along with its representations in visual culture and advertising. This exploration will extend to the symbolic, cultural, and aesthetic significance of water, hydration, and fluidity, culminating in the examination of concepts like “liquid-modernity” and “hydrofeminism.” Participants do not need prior knowledge on these subjects, as all input materials will be provided with contextualization during the session.