Finissage + Talks

Egregore’s Echoes: Momentum for New Perspectives

Join us at Cloud Seven for the Finissage of Egregore’s Echoes: Momentum for New Perspectives. The closing event will feature a series of talks carefully curated by Antoine and Edouard, exploring questions surrounding Brussels’ nightlife.

Speakers: Souria Cheurfi, Jozef Deville, Alya Dirix, Antoine Grenez,  Edouard Jattiot,  Daan Maesfrancx and Sander Puls.

Wednesday, 10 January 24
Time 06:00 - 09:00
Price Free

After their first exhibition, Egregore’s Echoes: A Celebratory Transmission of Collective Joy, held at Tour à Plomb in March 2023, Antoine Grenez and Edouard Jattiot take over the space at Cloud Seven to reflect and build upon the insights gathered during the initial edition.

Revolving around a new artistic proposition, an ode to celebration and encounters, Grenez and Jattiot will provide a space for transmission, exchanges, and discussions on the necessity of the socio-sensual culture of partying; a social and participative living sculpture. The fusion of artistic practices between the exhibiting artists and their guests not only creates a dynamic playground but also establishes an understated political arena in which partying is defined as a meaningful cultural expression rather than a mere source of entertainment.

The acknowledgment of clubbing as intangible heritage in Brussels emphasizes the importance of highlighting the vitality arising from local micro-scenes. The representation of these modes of sharing – be it festive or educational – works towards a public recognition of these alternative microcosms and their possibilities. At the heart of this approach lies a precious opportunity to to

make resources converge in order to accentuate past, present, and future initiatives.

With both the flexibility of the spaces at Cloud Seven and the bold fluidity of this art project led by Antoine and Edouard , the collaboration aims to provide an innovative form of experiencing art and nightlife.